About Me

Editorial note: After changing tone and content on my blog, The Critical Utopian, for some time, I have officially decided to dedicate it to posting satirical news stories I have written. None of this content should be taken seriously.

I recently graduated from the University of Colorado, Boulder with my PhD in Media Studies. Having finished my dissertation on the political potentials of the website, reddit, I am now looking to explore the potentials for my research and technical skills outside the academy.This site, and the associated blogs and archives, provide an archival and methodological center for my current and future research. On Saturday, Dec. 26 2015, I conducted an AMA session about my dissertation on reddit. You can read it here. You can also find a copy of my dissertation here. You can also find a copy of my master’s thesis on The Daily ShowThe Colbert Report and South Park here.

While my primary interests center around the relations of power and information within digital culture, I am also interested in ideologies and discourses concerning identity and representation within contemporary television, film, and popular culture in general. Many of these are addressed in my recently published, co-edited collection How Television Shapes Our World View: Media Representations of Social Trends and Change (Lexington, 2014). My co-editors (Kathleen M. Ryan & Deborah A. Macey) and I used this volume to explore “multiple theoretical frameworks and methodologies while keeping the pedagogical possibilities of television in view. The authors expose the continuing influence of television on how audiences view the world, while acknowledging the increasing fragmentation and distortion of the medium” (p. 7). This volume follows a previous collection, Television and the Self: Knowledge, Identity and Media Representation (Lexington, 2013) on which I worked as an editorial assistant, and we are currently proposing a final collection that focuses on television and relationships.

In addition to my academic research, I have used this site to develop an archive of the hip hop I listen to. Originally started as a way to inform my friends of what I was listening to, updating my hip hop archive has become a regular practice for me, and it has engaged me at a deeper level with the hip hop community.

In my free time I like to play chess, cook, and hang out with my wife and cat. Feel free to poke around and drop me a line about anything you find!